Monday, December 27, 2010

Should Paintings be made to be Sold?

Exploration, oil on canvas
Should a painting me made solely to be sold? Or is it a labor of love only, with no pecuniary aspects attached to it? It all depends on the intention of the artist, I would think.

A painting originates in the mind of the artist. Much before the artist picks up the pencil or the brush, the image is formed, whether vaguely or clearly. An artists paints, first and foremost, to give shape to the image or idea in the mind. After the image comes the real making of the painting. This involves lines, color, texture and all the details that goes into the making of a painting.

Art always originated in the realm of the mind. But then, the existence of the artists engaged in making this art also becomes important. Artists have to make a living too. Hence, art came to be sold. For the artist to continue making art, her art has to be sold.

But the question, whether art should be made solely with the art market in mind, is highly debatable. It is considered that art produced for the market only does not have a uniqueness. It tends to adhere to the norms, rather than break norms to create something new. The entire purpose of art and creativity - which is to create something new - is defeated.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the intention when making a piece of art should be solely to sell it. I believe that when you make a piece you should make it because you enjoy making it, and if its good enough to sell then you can sell it. Personally I sell only the best, so I keep ones I don't deem worthy of selling. I intend to make a living as an artist so selling work is something I have to do, but my reason for creating a piece is for the love of it and to express my creativity.

Selling should never be why you make a piece.

Chad Wooters said...

I've been wondering much the same lately. My previous adherence to strict realism was in part motivated to produce a consistent and therefore marketable style. With my current and long-running slump in sales, I've moved over to making paintings that I want to make. And I'm much happier.