Thursday, March 26, 2009

On being Unattached

Title: Mendicant, oil on canvas, 30"x20"
Original: $600
Giclee: 150
Print on paper: $70

Indian philosophy and religion have, over millenia, tirelessly pointed to one thing.

In religious discourses, public commentaries, cultural practices, that is the only thing that describes everything else. That of renunciation.

The yogis and the mahatmas have followed a lifestyle that is intricately connected to this philosophy. The general population too have not been too far away from this philosophy.

Take the example of Sri Krishna's teachings in the Bhagawad Gita. Krishna exhorted Arjuna to follow the call of duty, and renounce everything else. He asked Arjuna to ignore his feelings and emotions, and also any expectation of a fruit from his work, or labour. But just to do his duty, and participate in the Mahabharata war.

We have seen in art the theme of renunciation, not only among Indian artists, but also from other religions and cultures.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Art Fair and Stearns Wharf

Title: Untitled, oil on canvas, 36"x24"

Original: $900

giclee: $150
print on paper: $70

Yesterday I went with my husband to the screening of the Santa Barbara art walk, held every Sunday, at Stearns Wharf.

Since my arrival in Santa Barbara about a year ago, we've been at the Stearns Wharf innumerable times. Sometimes just to listen to the sea, sometimes to watch a program, sometimes to feel the sand beneath our feet (sandals/shoes?)

This time it was for my art. And I met quite a few artists. The judges at the screening were artists, some of them having shown art at the Santa Barbara Art and Craft Show for decades. One of them was a fourth generation artist.

My husband met his former manager, who has found peace in jewellery making. She did look in sync with herself. That is what art does to everyone. We find our voice, our calling.

And then there was our neighbour, who was harried by the falling real estate prices, as the value of her condo has fallen by $220,000. And paying the mortgage was an enormous task, in these times.