Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday - All in a Day's Work

Untitled, oil pastel on paper, 8"x10"

Not much gets done on a Sunday - for most of us. It is a time to organize things, clear mail, pay bills, plan for the coming week. It is on a Sunday that goals get revised and adjusted.

I'm sure most of us once in a while try to reset goals, make plans and replan. The increasing momentum of the day, that almost doesn't stop, gets a brake on a weekend. Most often it is a deliberate brake. Otherwise, the machine might burn out. Once in a while we need to stop and look back, correct things. Only then we can move forward, with renewed energy.

This is the time to recuperate and renew.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Art in Music, Paintings, Sculptures, Stories, Poems, Fashion, Everyday Life....

What kind of art can we find in music, paintings, sculptures, stories, poems, fashion? Is there art in everyday life?

Like with everyone else, I have been bitten by the television bug too. And for some days, I've been thinking about this question while watching a music talent show. Is there the same art in music as it is in paintings? What kind of art can we identify in stories and poems, and is it same as that found in everyday life, as in fashion, food, etc.?