Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Art Lessons

It's that time of the year when children are at home, school vacations are leaving them with a lot of time in hand, and parents don't know what to do with either the time or the children.

And the solution is in the hands of numerous summer camping grounds, summer sports, the beach, the trails and mountains, the picnics, the bicycles and the hikings.

There are also the interesting classes. Dance, if the children like to be on their toes, painting, if they enjoy colour, music, if they have a tilt towards the instruments or vocals. the list is endless. As long as there are different types of interests in different children.

Adventure sports is for the older children, who have grown up into teenage, and want to show their independence and strength.

And reading lessons. Who can deny the weak in spelling and English a little bit of tryst with the story book, or a flirting with the pen and the notebook?

So there is a lot to do. Only one needs the inclination, to start off the process.

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