Thursday, February 26, 2009

Participant or Onlooker?

Title: Dilemma, oil on canvas, 50"x40"
Original: $2000
Giclee: $300
Prints on paper: $150

What is art all about? Is it about being part of something, or is it about looking, from a distance? Untouched. Not touching. Using a barge pole to experience things. Life. Anything.

I think, art is about being both. While creating, one is a participant. With the medium, the paraphernelia that goes into the making of art. But otherwise, during the period before, or after the process of creation, one is more an onlooker.

There is a distance during this period. Because, without distance, art cannot be produced. There needs to be a perspective, and that perspective can be gained only when one has placed some amount of distance between oneself, and the thing that is going to be created.

And that thing, although it comes from inside, requires some amount of observation, or being an onlooker.

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Dominici Studios said...

Great piece and work...well done.